Meet the NFU Poultry Board 2022-2024

13 April 2022

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There are 12 board members plus four appointees on the NFU Poultry Board representing different regions and sectors of the poultry industry.

James Mottershead was elected as chair and Phill Crawley as vice chair for the period of 2022-2024. Find out about all of the board members and appointees below.

Board members

James Mottershead

NFU Poultry Board chair (West Midlands member)

James is a broiler producer from Shropshire and produces his own feed rations through on farm home mixing, feeding his birds a mash-based diet.

Aside from poultry, the family business farms 1000 acres of arable, has a 1MW biomass boiler system, a 1MW biomass CHP system, 500KW solar PV arrays and a 500KW wind turbine.

James is the current chair of the NFU Poultry Industry Programme and was previously co-opted to the board as a PIP representative which ensures the voice of younger members is well represented. He is keen for the board to address issues surrounding labour shortages and rising costs of production and believes these are some of the industries main priorities.

Phill Crawley

NFU Poultry Board vice chair (East Midlands member)

Phill and his brother Ady operate their family farm in Leicestershire.

They produce, pack and market both colony and free-range eggs along with buying eggs from contract producers. Recently, they have started to rear some of their own pullets in a multi-tier system.

Phill will bring a practical experience of the egg laying industry to the board and wants to facilitate a better interaction between the farmer, members of the public and governing bodies to enable a viable, productive and environmentally friendly industry with long term benefits to all parties concerned.

Thomas Wornham

NFU Poultry Board member, East Anglia

Thomas farms a mixed arable and broiler unit in Hertfordshire.

Thomas has planted 5000 trees and hedgerows which complement the solar panels and biomass boilers to create a carbon neutral business.

Of the many challenges the sector faces, Thomas is interested in the board gaining a better understanding of the impact ammonia emissions could have on the sector, and how to resolve this before it becomes an issue.

In addition, he wants to continue promoting any technological improvements and engage with decision makers of poultry rearing standards.

Charles Bourns

NFU Poultry Board member, South West

Charles bought his farm 30 years ago after working for several animal feed companies and is currently a Freedom Food producer of broilers.

Over the last 42 years, Charles has sat on various NFU Poultry Boards, both regional and national.

He has always taken an active interest in everything to do with poultry production and believes it should be profitable. Charles holds a depth of poultry experience from both the UK and Europe and is highly knowledgeable of not only the poultry industry but also the people in it.

Matthew Green

NFU Poultry Board member, North East

Matthew is a first-generation tenant sheep and beef farmer and turned to poultry in the early 2000’s.

Matthew is one of the Wot-A-Pullet founders, which is an independent pullet rearing business born in 2008 from the Wot-an-Egg enterprise. Wot-an-Egg now has 100,000 organic, 200,000 free range and 40,000 vaccine egg producing hens. Wot-A-Pullet produces 3.5 million pullets per year.

With the poultry industry at its lowest ebb, Matthew hopes to help enable better conditions and communication throughout the supply chain to produce high welfare food at competitive prices for the consumer, while simultaneously allowing poultry producers a fair return for their hard work and investment.

Duncan Priestner

NFU Poultry Board member, North West

Duncan is a pullet rearer and colony egg producer who markets his own eggs in the north west of England.

Duncan represents the NFU as the vice chair of the BEIC and is a trustee of the BEMB Trust.

He realises that avian influenza has been a huge problem for a lot of producers and one of his main priorities that he is keen for the board to address is a review of the marketing regulations for the free range status of eggs.

Simon Barton

NFU Poultry Board member, South West

Simon and his wife Karen left London in 1997 and set up a poultry farm in Somerset which now has 200,000 birds over two sites.

Simon's main priorities for the board are to investigate the availability of grants for UK poultry producers and to look at how using new technologies and carbon calculators can help the industry to improve its efficiency.

David Watts

NFU Poultry board member, West Midlands

David farms in Herefordshire with his wife Sue and their two sons Christopher and Alexander, who both live on two of their free range layer sites in Worcestershire.

Together the family farm two free range laying hen sites and a further site producing vaccine eggs.

David has been contributing to workstreams on measuring the phosphate levels in the River Wye and also has an interest in developing ways in which farmers can feed their flocks more competitively.

Richard Williams

NFU Cymru Poultry chair

Based in Monmouthshire, Richard has gathered a wealth of experience in all aspects of the poultry industry over the last thirty years.

In his role as an owner and director of Morspan Construction Ltd, Richard specialises in implementing innovative, new technology into the construction of large-scale poultry buildings. Alongside this, Richard owns and operates several broiler farms across the UK.

Richard wants to bring his experiences in innovation to the NFU Poultry Board and would like it to address the need for fairer prices within the supply chain.

Liz Warner

NFU Poultry Board member, South West

Liz has been involved in the poultry industry for over 16 years, currently farming in partnership with her husband on a tenanted farm in Devon, where for the last 10 years they have been producing duck eggs and quail eggs.

Prior to this Liz worked for an egg packer, building up her knowledge base by working with their free-range egg producers. Liz participated in the NFU’s Poultry Industry Programme and following that joined the NFU’s Next Generation Forum before joining the NFU Poultry Board.

As a relatively niche business, Liz is keen to bring the views of poultry farmers operating on a smaller scale to the discussions of the board and would like to ensure that policies are achievable and relevant.

Patrick Hook

NFU Poultry Board member, South East

Patrick’s family business has rearing, breeding, hatcheries and broiler farms across the UK, hatching 10 million day old broiler chicks per week.

Patrick has grown up within the business and is currently a production and sales director.

He hopes to bring his experiences from primary poultry production to the board, to assist in dealing with access to labour and working collaboratively across the sector to tackle any challenges and opportunities going forward.

Appointed board members

Graham Atkinson

NFU Poultry Board appointee, East Midlands

Graham has a broad depth of knowledge and experience, having been in the poultry industry for 28 years.

In addition to previously producing ducks and broilers he also worked in feed sales before taking on the role of agriculture director for producers at Noble Foods.

Graham would like to work collaboratively across the supply chain to face the challenges presented to the industry such as sustainability, environmental credentials and avian influenza and he looks forwards to representing the views of members going forwards.

Will Raw

NFU Poultry Board appointee, North East

Will operates a mixed farm in North Yorkshire. The farm comprises of 250 acres of combinable crops and 231,500 broilers, supplying the independent poultry sector and growing for Sullivan Poultry Group.

Will recently completed the Poultry Industry Programme and was crowned the PIP award winner in 2021 receiving a prize from the Worshipful Company of Poulters.

Alongside the farming enterprise, Will has invested heavily in solar panels and biomass boilers in attempts to achieve net zero. During his time on the board, Will would like to place emphasis on better UK food security, in particular the sector's unsustainable reliance on soya meal, both economically and environmentally.

Matthew Donald

NFU Poultry Board appointee, North East

In addition to being a previous member of the Poultry Industry Programme, Matthew is a third-generation pig and poultry farmer form North Yorkshire whose family have had broiler breeders producing fertile hatching eggs for over 60 years.

Matthew is keen to get more young people involved with poultry and farms with the aim to produce more from less, alongside enhancing the local environment. The poultry sector's resilience, aiming to maintain its environmentally sustainable credentials and producing safe and affordable food for everyone are some of the things Matthew is keen to support during his time on the board.

Will Lea

NFU Poultry Board appointee, West Midlands

In addition to farming 38,000 free range laying hens, Will works for Country Fresh Pullets as production and compliance manager, rearing over 7.5 million pullets annually and ensuring compliance across their contract laying group.

Being on the most recent cohort of the Poultry Industry Programme has led to Will’s interest in the NFU and to stand for the current NFU Poultry Board. As a motivated farmer Will wants to engage with fellow members to ensure the industry’s best interests are put forward.

Co-opted board members

Mark Gorton

NFU Poultry Board co-optee, East Anglia

Mark started farming poultry when he was 14 years old is the founder and owner of traditional norfolk poultry.

He produces free range and organic chickens and turkeys with their own breed of chicken – The Norfolk Black.

In addition, he operates a fully automated and highly invested modern poultry processing plant in South Norfolk. He has always farmed in an environmentally friendly way, having planted many tens of thousands of trees and vast areas of range enrichment and biodiversity.

Mark wants to bring his experiences of the speciality poultry table bird industry and poultry processing to the board. One of his biggest priorities is for longer term solutions for avian influenza including fair compensation and producing a vaccine.

Jonty Hay

NFU Poultry Board Co-optee, West Midlands

Jonty is a broiler farmer growing birds for the independent and retail sectors on farms from South Wales to North Yorkshire.

Alongside poultry he has diversified into beef production.

He represents the independent sector as the NFU representative on the Red Tractor Poultry Board giving a balanced approach to Red Tractor Scheme.

Martin Humphrey

NFU Poultry Board Co-optee, South East

Martin is the Sales Director for Humphrey Feeds and Pullets which was family owned until 2022, when it was purchased by the Wynnstay Group.

The business has a solid egg production background, having been producers up to 2017. As a feed compounder it specialises in just poultry feeds, with a strong emphasis on free range.

The business has also been a specialist manufacturer of organic poultry feeds for 25 years, producing organic layers, broilers, and turkey feeds.

Martin focuses on working with independent poultry farmers, assisting them to optimise their poultry production.

He is keen to bring his experience of contributing on matters connected to poultry feed, pullets, free range and organic to the board.

Paul Kelly

NFU Poultry Board co-optee, East Anglia

Paul is a turkey farmer who breeds and hatches 1.8 million turkey poults in the summer months specifically for the Christmas market.

Paul is the owner of KellyBronze where they grow and process Christmas turkeys for sale through e-commerce and independent butchers.

His key aims for the board are to ensure we maintain a fit and vibrant UK turkey industry alongside all other poultry.

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