Minette Batters celebrated by UK dairy industry

21 September 2023

Minette Batters (left) in a floral dress is holding the Dairy UK Award. On her right is Hugh Dennis who is wearing a Navy Blue suit.

Photograph: Alistair Veryard

NFU President Minette Batters has won the Dairy UK Award for her passionate advocacy for agriculture at Dairy UK's annual dinner in London.

The award, presented at the Raffles Hotel in London on Wednesday 13 September, bought together processors, farmers and stakeholders across the entire Dairy supply chain. 

Minette was presented with the award by comedian and presenter Hugh Dennis.

She was honoured for her ability to keep key issues in agriculture in the forefront of the minds of government and other stakeholders, in addition to her work advocating for the industry in the public eye.

“We have a fantastic dairy industry here in the UK which I truly believe has a bright future.”

NFU President Minette Batters

Congratulating her on the award, Dairy UK chief executive Dr Judith Bryans said that Minette “continues to do so much for agriculture”, adding that the industry appreciates her efforts to bring the entire sector closer, along with her work advocating on environmental sustainability, trade and standards and “very importantly in keeping the importance of food security in the spotlight”.

Upon receiving the award, Minette said she was “delighted” to receive such a prestigious award, whilst recognising the work carried out throughout behind the scenes at the NFU.

She added: “We have a fantastic dairy industry here in the UK which I truly believe has a bright future as long as farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and government all pull together to support the production of climate-friendly sustainable food.”

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