New AHDB campaign champions meat and dairy

18 December 2020

NFU members are being encouraged to get involved in a new national advertising campaign to promote the nutritional benefits of meat and dairy products.

AHDB’s ‘Eat Balanced’ campaign will hit TV screens in the new year to counter the tide of misinformation surrounding a plant-based food diet.

The £1.5m campaign will also appear on social media, digital and supermarket packaging and also showcases Britain’s world-class standards in food production and sustainability.

The initiative will be built around three key messages, which AHDB believes can become a drum beat for the farming industry:

  • Meat and dairy contain vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in a vegan diet
  • Red meat and dairy from Britain is produced to world-class food and farming standards
  • Red meat and dairy from Britain is among the most sustainable in the world

AHDB’s chief marketing and communications officer Christine Watts said:

“In Britain we have so much to be proud of when it comes to the food we eat, how it is produced and the entire journey from farm to fork. Our farmers operate to some of the highest standards in the world and this campaign aims to balance the negative commentary around farming as well as the importance of eating red meat and dairy as part of a balanced and healthy diet. AHDB is championing a message for consumers for a bright new year – eat balanced: enjoy the food you eat.”

It is crucial that our members are equipped with facts and evidence to engage the public in honest, realistic and scientifically evidenced accounts of British agriculture.

We have designed the Rethinking Ruminants Member Toolkit, aimed at supporting our members to confidently communicate key, and sometimes complex, messages surrounding:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Health and nutrition
  • Animal health and welfare

Alongside these notable areas, the toolkit considers common claims and misconceptions around alternatives to meat and dairy products, and includes top tips for members to engage with the public and positively tell their own personal story of British dairying and livestock farming.

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