NFU branch takes the long view

First published: 28 October 2022

Members and staff standing outside the new NFU Cambridge offices

Staff at NFU Cambridge took inspiration from the stunning countryside views surrounding them when deciding on a name for their new office.

The impressive new office at Crome Lea Business Park, a few miles from their old base, will be called the Longview.

NFU Cambridge view

NFU Cambridge moved to their new home after 27 years as tenants of Adrian Peck at Dry Drayton. Group Secretary Jim Brunswick told guests attending the official opening that the name was apt in more ways than one.

“It was with genuine sadness that we decided to move to this new location. I’d like to thank Adrian for his support over the years and our new landlords, John and Wendy Sadler, for making us feel so welcome,” he said.

“I would have moved for that view alone. We have decided to call the office the Longview partly for the 10 years it took from deciding this was a suitable home for us to realising that ambition, Longview for remaining focused on the people and businesses that we’re lucky enough to serve, and Longview for the best description of the relationships and ethos we will continue to deliver for members and policyholders.”

Unveiling the plaque

NFU President Minette Batters opened the office with NFU Mutual Sales and Agency Director Nick Watson.

Minette said: “It’s a privilege to be here. The Longview couldn’t be bettered as a name. That’s a stunning view and it looks a fabulous office to work in.

“We’re in changing times for the NFU and the NFU Mutual but the special relationship between the two has endured throughout the years and we look forward to that continuing.”

Nick Watson said:
“Having Minette here demonstrates how important our alliance is.

“We have a new line-up of politicians, most of who probably don’t have much of a clue about what needs to be done for rural communities.

“I’m confident that, with Minette and her NFU team, we will have people advocating for you and the businesses and communities you run. I feel very proud of our alliance. It makes us what we are, a real triumvirate between member, NFU and NFU Mutual."

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