Bovine TB: Key materials

19 June 2024

An image of cattle in a field

We've put together some information to support you when you talk to your MP about bovine TB. These leaflets help to illustrate what is currently happening and the NFU’s key questions about the strategy.

Defra’s 25-year TB eradication strategy is working. The scientific evidence shows this. An integral part of gaining advocacy and MPs' support for the NFU’s policy asks is being able to demonstrate clear, scientific evidence.

Many MPs are well aware of the merits of the NFU’s position on bovine TB and we have secured strong support as a result.

However, MPs elected since the strategy was first implemented may not have the background understanding of the issue and the impact the disease has on farmers and farm businesses.

Plus, MPs in general may not be aware of the change in government strategy that was announced in 2021.

You can access our suite of infographics and more information on the impacts of bovine TB on farm on the TB Free England website.

We've also created a range of leaflets which you can download and use to help you explain the current situation as well as what's happened up this point. Just use your NFU membership details to log in to access them.

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This page was first published on 26 September 2023. It was updated on 19 June 2024.

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