NFU Community Farming Hero Awards

05 August 2022

Back British Farming
NFU Farming Hero badge sitting over a countryside village scene

Alongside producing food, farmers often go above and beyond for their communities. Whether they are helping neighbours during extreme weather or fundraising for charities, farmers are an integral part of their local area. The NFU has decided that it's time to give these heroes the recognition they deserve. 

We've launched this new award to recognise individual farmers who play an important role in their local communities.

MPs have been nominating farmers from their constituency to be our inaugural Community Farming Hero.

There will be 8 winners in total.

Get involved

If you know a farmer who you think is a local hero, let your local MP know. Maybe they've:

  • organised or supplied a food bank
  • inspired school children about farming
  • fundraised for a local charity
  • volunteered in the local community or
  • helped out in times of bad weather.

In fact, however they are helping their local community we want to spread the word about what they do.

Find your local MP

Not sure of your local MP? Visit Find your MP – UK Parliament and enter your location or postcode.

Send your MP the Nominate your Community Farming Hero link and they should do the rest.

MPs have until 29 August to choose their constituency winners. These winners will then be put forward to receive a regional award. 

We'll celebrate all of our regional winners on Back British Farming Day on 14 September.

Meet the constituency winners so far

Read what the MPs have said about the NFU members in their constituencies and how they have been making a difference in their communities.

We'll update this page as we receive an MP's nominee and have verified them as the constituency winner.

Nominated by:
Siobhan Ballie MP (Cons)

Liz Godsell

Liz is always going the extra mile for others and is always willing to host meetings and open the farm to the public with initiatives like Open Farm Sunday.


Nominated by:
Helen Whately (Cons)
Faversham and Mid Kent

Bill Alexander

When a fire broke out on a neighbours farm and was spreading towards a residential area, Bill bravely cultivated a firebreak which contained the fire.

Nominated by:
Laura Farris MP (Cons)

Eleanor Gilbert

Eleanor has a mission to educate and inspire residents of West Berkshire and beyond about farming in the twenty-first century through her Twitter and Instagram.


Nominated by:
Rt Hon Sir Jeremy Wright (Cons)
Kenilworth and Southam

Andy and Lynda Eadon

After the tragic death of their son, Andy and Linda launched a campaign to raise awareness of the mental health challenges often faced by people living in rural areas and have raised over £60,000 for good causes.


Nominated by:
Alex Davies MP (Lab)

Jonathan Huntley

Jonathan has campaigned and worked hard to keep farming free of bovine tuberculosis in his community and has supported farmers across Wales to tackle this devastating problem over the years.


Nominated by:
Harriett Baldwin MP (Cons)
West Worcestershire

Jake Freestone

Jake is a fantastic advocate for the food and farming industry and is very enthusiastic about no till conservation agriculture and regenerative farming practices.


Nominated by:
Maria Eagle MP (Lab)
Garston and Halewood

Olly Harrison

Olly takes an active part in local charity fundraising. Every year, Olly grows a Sunflower Maze and in 2021 it raised over £40,000 for NHS charities. He is the founder of Liverpool’s Christmas Tractor Convoy to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and earlier this year he also turned over space on his farm to house supplies for Ukrainian refugees.


Nominated by:
Gordon Henderson MP (Cons)
Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Tim Malpas

Tim regularly supports Open Farm Sunday, running orchard tours for the public and teaching them about sheep and farm machinery.


Nominated by:
Daniel Kawczynski MP (Cons)
Shrewsbury and Atcham

Andrew Bebb

Andrew has worked for years to support those living in rural areas with mental health. Much of his work goes unseen but his selfless work and campaigning has made a huge difference to his local community.


Nominated by:
Andy Carter MP (Cons)
Warrington South

Ray Broadsmith

After an incident on their farm, the community rallied behind Ray and his family and they were able to pick themselves up, showing a true testament to their hard work, resilience and respect in the community.


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