Dairy Board priorities – looking ahead at the next two years

26 June 2024


At a strategy day back in May, the new national dairy board, made up of 15 elected and appointed members from across England and Wales, set their priorities for the 2024-2026 term.

At a time when confidence is low in the sector and pressures linked to on-farm investment needs, incoming regulation and recent below cost of production prices are considerable, and in the face of ongoing political uncertainty, the board have recognised the need for the NFU to be leading from the front.

We want to champion strong, resilient businesses and supply chains, helping to highlight and drive opportunities for the sector, supporting increased collaboration, and ensuring that discussions on future food production are linked to both long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Board priorities

Over the next two years the board will work hard to support and enable resilient, competitive and productive businesses through:

1. Demonstrating environmental performance

Championing measures that boost both sustainable business growth and productivity, with a particular focus on policy and investment aimed at improving air and water quality as well as the management and utilisation of slurry.

2. Supply chain fairness

Ensuring we have fair, transparent, and functioning supply chains and helping to drive further producer collaboration.

3. Trade opportunities

Working with industry and government to identify trade opportunities, reduce barriers and help grow UK dairy exports.

4. Delivering on key animal health and welfare workstreams

Delivering on key animal health and welfare workstreams, including effective disease management and eradication strategies.

5. Skills and labour

Supporting recruitment and training initiatives and lobbying for continued access to permanent labour solutions.

6. Best of British

Promoting the best of British and helping to drive trust and consumption amongst consumers.

Collaboration is key

Within their first 100 days, the new UK government will want to deliver on core manifesto pledges and demonstrate action.

It is vital that as a dairy sector, and an NFU Dairy Board, we work together to ensure we have a favourable regulatory and investment environment for UK dairy producers which provides certainty for the future and helps enable businesses to comply with incoming regulation and shifting consumer demands.

Data capture and baselining will be key to delivering on many of the priorities above and to ensuing that future legislation and workstreams are focused and work alongside profitable, thriving businesses.

It is clear to the dairy board that collaboration among farmers, across the supply chain and with government will be key to delivering on the priorities outlined above, and the board are committed to continuing to work with producers, processors and stakeholders across their regions, and throughout England and Wales, to understand the needs of the sector and deliver for NFU dairy farmer members.

Please do contact your local board chair and representatives to find out how you can be involved and support the work of the board over the next two years.

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