NFU Education sparks passion for farming at No. 10

16 October 2023

Akshata Murty with a young boy wearing an NFU apron looking at a table of food

Photograph: Alice Hodgson / No 10 Downing Street

Forty schoolchildren have had the unique experience to join NFU Education at No. 10 Downing Street for a tailor-made lesson on food and farming.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils from Countess Gytha Primary School in Yeovil, Somerset, were invited into No. 10 to explore the world of agriculture as part of the ‘Lessons at 10’ series – an initiative organised by the Prime Minister’s wife, Akshata Murty.

The lesson introduced the children to British food and farming through NFU Education’s Farming STEMterprise project and challenged them to invent their own finger foods using a range of British ingredients. And the challenge didn’t stop there – the children also had to market their creations and explain the many benefits of using homegrown British produce.

Bridging the gap from field to plate

Ms Murty said that it was “wonderful” to welcome pupils to No.10 adding that it was “so important for children to connect with where our food comes from and experience great British produce”.

Working in teams, the children were supported by an NFU Education Farmers for Schools ambassador, who offered firsthand insights into how they produce high quality, climate-friendly, nutritious food.

Hailing from Lancashire to Sussex, they were able to share their expert knowledge of their sectors in dairy, arable, horticulture and sheep farming.

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It’s important to encourage young people and make agriculture relevant and interesting so they can become more involved in the countryside and rural areas as they grow older.”

NFU Education manager Josh Payne

“This event provided an exceptional learning opportunity for these children to understand the importance of the vital world of British farming,” said NFU Education manager, Josh Payne.

“It’s a brilliant programme, and it’s wonderful to see Mrs Murty recognising the value of teaching key STEM subjects through the lens of food and farming.

“It’s important to encourage young people and make agriculture relevant and interesting so they can become more involved in the countryside and rural areas as they grow older.

“It’s been great to run this session and hopefully it has not only excited the children about food and cooking, but also got them thinking about where ingredients come from and the quality work that goes into their production. This experience is also a chance to meet real-life farmers, which is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between the field and the plate.”

Find out more about the work of NFU education on our dedicated NFU Education website.


Photograph: Alice Hodgson / No 10 Downing Street

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