NFU responds to BEIS call for evidence on Climate Assembly UK

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In 2020, the Climate Assembly UK brought together over 100 citizens to consider how the UK can meet its ambitious net zero greenhouse gas targets. Following the publication of the Assembly’s recommendations, the BEIS Select Committee launched a call for evidence on the impact of the Assembly’s outcomes.

In our response to the BEIS Committee we highlighted the Assembly’s:

  • broad support of the NFU’s net zero by 2040 ambition
  • intense interest in where food comes from and the standards it is produced to, which has been incredibly encouraging for our sector.

We raised concerns over the suggested voluntary reductions in meat and dairy and said that more time should have been set aside for the Assembly to discuss and better understand our complex and technical industry. We encouraged the idea that these discussions should be seen as the start of a conversation, and not the end.

Government must work collaboratively with farmers

The NFU’s response also challenged the government to step up and join the sector in its journey to net zero, working collaboratively with us to achieve climate ambitions. We also asked government to champion the British produce the public value so much to ensure farming businesses are productive, efficient, profitable and resilient. By doing this, we will help deliver the Assembly’s vision of producing climate-friendly food while protecting the environment.

You can find out more about the Assembly and the NFU’s role in supporting its work here.

Read the NFU briefing on BEIS Select Committe call for evidence on findings of Climate Assembly report.

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