‘Proper funding’ needed for farming support

17 June 2024

A man holding a microphone talking to a crowd of people sitting at tables inside a large marquee

Picture: NFU President Tom Bradshaw speaks at the members reception.

NFU President Tom Bradshaw told a reception for members at the Royal Cornwall Show that making sure the next government properly funded farming support was a key point of the NFU’s election manifesto that was being stressed to candidates from all parties.

“It is vital that we have a smooth transition to properly funded environmental schemes – the NFU is calling for SFI to be properly funded with at least 65% of the agricultural budget put behind it,” he said.

Farmers properly rewarded

“We also need to see farmers being properly rewarded for providing public goods and the planning system to become something that is an enabling factor, rather than a blocking one.”

• Since the show took place, all the party manifestos have now been published. Find out more about the NFU’s reaction to them.

A packed programme

There was a busy programme of events at the show, including livestock and dairy roundtables attended by the respective national commodity board chairs David Barton and Paul Tompkins.

The future of Cornish farming was the subject of a panel discussion when Tom, Paul and David joined county NFU deputy chair Ashley Jones and Beth Whell, daughter of county chair Bridget Whell.

“The NFU is calling for SFI to be properly funded, with at least 65% of the agricultural budget put behind it.”

NFU President Tom Bradshaw

The future is bright

Chaired by Bridget, the panel took questions from the audience on topics including getting a decent return on producing food, dealing with processors and supermarkets, and how to attract more young people into agriculture.

The panellists agreed that despite the many challenges the industry faces, the future of agriculture in the county is a bright one.


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