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05 March 2019

A picture of a glass of milk with the Back British Farming logo on the side of the glass.

Our dairy hub provides a range of information and resources for NFU members, including legal advice, social media tips and ways to help promote the industry.

Infographics suite

The NFU has created a set of impactful infographics which can be used to set the record straight about how farmers protect the environment, care for their animals and provide nutritious food for the nation. 

You can use these infographics to help spread the message on social media.

Download the dairy infographics.

Social media tips and tools

Take a look at our top 5 tips for social posts and a printable cheat sheet for video.

Stay safe online. For advice on reporting issues on social media or with securing your profile, you can use the following links:

Create your own magnetic sign

Download a print ready version of this image, demonstrating the environmental sustainability of agriculture, should you wish to convert the picture into a magnetic sign at a commercial printers:

Click on the image to download: 

Protecting your farm business

Activists and extremists:
Get practical guidance on dealing with animal rights activists and extremists from the NFU's legal team. The document includes guidance on the standard police reporting procedure and what to do in a number of scenarios where you suspect illegal or harmful activity.

Project Calf
Get specific guidance from the NFU relating to the Project Calf website. This guidance was last updated on 5 March 2019. 

Online reviews and incorrect information
If you're not happy with the way your business appears on sites such as Google Maps or Tripadvisor, you can follow the links below to report an issue or secure your profile:

How the NFU is working for you

Rethinking Ruminants

We've developed a member toolkit — Rethinking Ruminants — aimed at promoting the benefits of dairy and livestock farming to the general public and to combat misinformation surrounding the sectors.

The toolkit is made up of a number of elements, including a comprehensive, interactive directory of evidence-based facts for members, a public-facing booklet sharing the key messages as well as a slide deck to assist members in giving presentations with public audiences. 

Template letter to the media

The NFU has put together a template letter for dairy farmers to send to members of the media in support of the sector. Positive promotion of the industry is always a good thing and has become increasingly important in the face of sustained anti-dairy messaging. 

Complaining to the media

This guide sets out how people can register official complaints with broadcasters and newspapers on items or articles which they believe are misleading, factually incorrect or are examples of unbalanced reporting. Download it now.

Shareable infographics

We've created a set of impactful infographics which can be used to set the record straight about how farmers protect the environment, care for their animals and provide nutritious food for the nation. Download them all here.

TB Free England

You may also be interested in visiting the redesigned TB Free England website which provides up-to-date facts about bovine TB. It also contains information on how farmers' livelihoods are affected by this devastating disease and the government’s 25-year eradication strategy to tackle it.

Celebrating British dairy

Our public-facing Countryside website has a number of pages and features promoting the British dairy industry and showing members of the public how they can support the NFU's Back British Farming campaign. Find out more at the pages below, and share these links to help spread the word.

  • Get the facts on British dairy - this myth-busting guide to the industry looks at what hardworking British farmers do every day, the sector's value to the economy, its outstanding welfare credentials, strong environmental track record, and the nutritional value of dairy products.
  • Choosing British dairy - this page includes a look at the sourcing policies of the UK's major food retailers so that shoppers can make informed decisions on how to buy British dairy products.
  • British dairy ice cream finder - this useful tool helps members of the public to find real dairy ice cream makers around the country and profiles several producers.

More useful links

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