Sky lanterns – use our reporting form to tell us what happened

An image of a sky lantern in the sky

We need to hear from you any time you have an experience, incident or near miss involving a sky lantern - no matter how big or small.

Your evidence is vital to help strengthen the NFU’s case asking government for a national ban.

Follow our campaigning progress by visiting: Campaigning for you: Ban sky lanterns

We know how distressing these incidents can be and that sky lanterns have the potential to:

  • kill and maim livestock
  • cause fire risk to crops and buildings
  • litter and impact on the environment
  • pose a safety risk to vehicles
  • increase pressure on emergency services

Sky lanterns continue to be readily available and are totally uncontrollable. They contain a large flame and they can land anywhere, without warning.

We need your evidence in order to work towards keeping your farm safe, and achieving a national ban. 

Report an incident:

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If possible, please upload any images of damaged property as a result of this incident

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