Stuart Roberts in Public Sector Catering’s most influential 'top 20'

15 December 2021

An image of NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts has been named in Public Sector Catering magazine's top 20 most influential people for the second year running.

The acknowledgement comes after he provided the keynote speech at the PSC100 annual meeting, in which he discussed the importance of British produce and its high welfare and sustainability standards.

In his speech, Mr Roberts also set out the NFU’s ambition to work more collaboratively with the public sector, as the NFU believes more work can be done to deliver more high-quality meals to public sector customers with food that is grown and produced by British farmers. He urged the group to work as a collective to champion British food and used the opportunity to highlight how farmers want to work in partnership and more effectively with the public sector.

Read more about the NFU's ambition in this article: NFU calls for collaboration in public sector sourcing.

Continuing the conversation

Mr Roberts said: “I’m honoured to be named in Public Sector Catering’s Most Influential list and will continue to champion the role of British farmers within public sector supply chains.

“The NFU acknowledges the tremendous and challenging work of the public sector and believes that by working together, and understanding the challenges involved, we can ensure all menus are underpinned by local, seasonal, and fresh British food.

“We will continue the conversations with public sector catering about British ingredients filling the plates of their consumers and how government utilises public procurement policies to drive economic growth. Serving more local British food in our hospitals and schools would be a huge vote of support for British food and farming.”

"Serving more local British food in our hospitals and schools would be a huge vote of support for British food and farming."
Stuart Roberts, NFU Deputy President

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