Trailer towing – refresh your driving skills

First published: 25 May 2022

An image of a 4x4 vehicle towing a livestock trailer arriving at Rugby Farmers Market for auction

Whether you're experienced with trailers or planning to tow for the first time, the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) is encouraging all drivers to take newly-accredited skills training.

A new DVSA-accredited training scheme was launched on 18 May 2022 to help drivers get the skills and knowledge needed to tow trailers safely on road.

Up until 16 December 2021, drivers who had passed their category B driving test after 1 January 1997 had to take an additional trailer test to gain the B+E qualification to drive heavier weight trailers such as a livestock trailer behind a car, pickup or 4×4 vehicle.

This new scheme is intended to give motorists the skills and knowledge to tow safely going forwards. The accredited training providers and courses cover training for both large and small trailers.

Employed drivers

Under health and safety regulation there is a duty on all employers to ensure that anyone using equipment and machinery as part of their work are trained and competent to do so.

If you employ farm workers who will be towing vehicles as part of their role, following an accredited towing course is a way to help you ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to drive safely on the road and carry out their work safely.

More information

You can find details of DVSA accredited training courses at Drivers urged to get training to tow trailers and caravans safely

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