Shape future farming policy: introducing NFU Communities

01 December 2023

NFU Communities. Shape our united farming voice. Join now.

NFU members now have the unique opportunity to directly have their say and shape future farming policy on issues such as the environment and climate change.

The first community, focusing on the environment and climate, will cover topics such as environmental support schemes, climate-friendly farming and water management.

Through commenting on articles and taking part in polls, NFU members will be able to feed their views directly into the NFU’s team of expert advisers, who will use the feedback to lobby for the right outcome for farming businesses.

Andrew Clark, NFU Director of Policy, said: “This is a fantastic new service that gives all of our members the chance to shape policy and make their views heard within the organisation.

“Adding to our existing toolkit that includes CallFirst and our network of NFU advisers and branches, this new community makes it easy to voice an opinion on agricultural policy, influence the agenda and hear what other members are saying.”

The Environment and Climate Community is the first of a series planned to be rolled out further by the NFU from 2024.

5 reasons why you should join NFU Communities

1. If you are interested in specific topics, it's the place to be. 
2. You can have your say through our range of poll questions. 
3. Share your opinions and comment on articles to let others know what you think.
4. Shape policy with the wider farming community. 
5. You can be proactive in influencing policy decisions for generations to come. 

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