NFU officeholder responsibilities

Meet our officeholders Minette, Stuart and Tom.

Our officeholders

President Minette Batters

Minette Batters_71934

Representation / chairs

  • Council
  • Policy Board
Policy leads:
  • Trade and standards
  • EU and international relations
  • Taxation and fiscal policy
  • Science and research and development
  • Food chain: Retailers / brands
  • Food service
  • Animal ID and movements
  • AHDB review
  • Industrial strategy
  • Education

Deputy President Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts_59261


  • Governance board
  • Farm Safety Partnership
  • NFU forum liaison
Policy leads:
  • Animal health &welfare including bTB
  • Net zero (renewables / climate change)
  • Water (abstraction, flooding and pollution)
  • Infrastructure (HS2, roads etc)
  • Clean air strategy
  • Farm assurance and labelling
  • Food safety
  • Banking
  • Rural crime
  • Health and safety
  • Rural broadband and mobile communications


Vice President Tom Bradshaw

Tom Bradshaw_72565



Regional Board Chairs

Policy leads:
  • Plant health
  • Workforce supply and skills
  • Productivity programme
  • Competition/fairness in supply chain including the Grocery Code
  • BPS transition (ELMs/BPS)
  • Regulation review and enforcement
  • Rural development and Planning policy
  • Tenancy issues
  • Agricultural transport
  • Inputs
  • Volatility




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