BPS 2018 greening rules: Changes to note

Mixed farm landscape Herefordshire_44287Ministers have decided to make changes to the management of EFA fallow for BPS 2018 and later years.

The summary of the changes are that you can only sow grass if required by an agri-environmental scheme option.

There is to be no manure or fertiliser applied; and no cultivation for weed control (topping of green cover is allowed). These changes apply within the EFA fallow period – 1 January to 30 June. RPA will carry out more EFA fallow checks by physical inspections. For the full set of rules on EFA fallow for 2018 please refer to the 2018 BPS handbook when it is published in February.

Please note we are also expecting to shortly to hear from DEFRA / RPA on the status of multi-annual nitrogen fixing crops and how the PPP ban will affect them. One to watch for in 2019 is that land in EFA fallow for 5 years or more could move from it’s arable status over into permanent grassland. 

DEFRA are suggest that this rule applies (and starts counting) from BPS 2018, not earlier BPS years and also it appears it does not impact on other grassland areas that for example are within agri-environmental scheme options. One to check out next year

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