Members urged to complete Census 2021 this March

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NFU East Midlands members are being urged to complete the Census 2021 this March to help get the region its fair share.

Census data is used as the basis for a huge number of projects that support agriculture in the East Midlands, say organisers, including road improvements on the A46, A50, A14, A15 and A45 which enable more efficient transport of crops and services.

Census data provides the evidence for provision of education courses including those in local universities and agricultural colleges and to support the push for improving rural broadband, the provision of health services as well as planning and development projects in your area. 

What Census 2021 will deliver

Understanding the needs of the nation will help everyone plan and fund public services across England and Wales, says the Census team.

Outputs from Census 2021 will determine where public funding is spent on services like transport, education and health – where new cycle routes, schools and dental surgeries will be.

Emergency services use census statistics to deliver services based on the local area’s needs.

Charities use it as evidence to get funding. It helps businesses to understand their customers and where to open shops.

Census 2021 data will provide important information on population diversity, allowing organisations to monitor if they are meeting their responsibilities.

Census Day 2021 is on 21 March.

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