Looking to a world after Covid 19

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As attention turns to how the lockdown may be lifted and helping businesses return to something like normal (although this is still a very long way off), the South West NFU has put together a recovery plan, Growing a resilient, strong and profitable South West agricultural sector post-Covid 19.

The document highlights businesses which have adapted in response to the challenges of coronavirus and maps out what recovery and ‘building back better’ might look like. It looks closely at the business of farming and growing, in the context of farming’s contribution to the environment, the landscape, to communities, and the economy. 

It considers the role farming has in underpinning rural economic activity and feeding the nation, but also in delivering wider benefits through our Net Zero ambition as well as Government’s ambitions around public goods and Environmental Land Management (ELM) best practice.

MPs, business leaders and other key stakeholders across the region have all been sent a copy as we seek to emphasise agriculture’s role as a key driver of the economy.

To read the full report, click on related documents below.

  • Posted by: S BodyPosted on: 24/05/2020 11:54:53

    Comment: Excellent document. One point that I did not see or hopefully missed was the gap showing up now between those able to use computer technology and those struggling with it. Help or training would be very useful. It has shown up most clearly with the Red Tractor audits making a lot more work for most of us and impossible or very worrying for those without the skills needed to do it on line.
    I hope that FABBL are looking at ways to go back to on farm audits as soon as possible, not least to protect it's own reputation. Critics will point out that inspections cannot be done properly by computer.