About the Region

West Midlands farming landscape_19044

From Herefordshire beef to asparagus and oatcakes – West Midlands’ farmers are at the heart of the British countryside delivering quality, affordable, traceable food and drink for our tables.

They farm nearly 920,000 hectares of land, an area around 34 times the size of Birmingham, delivering seasonal vegetables and fruit, melt in the mouth beef, pork and poultry to our supermarkets, delis, farm shops, restaurants and other food businesses.

Succulent cheese, oils and exotic vegetables and herbs are also produced alongside award winning breakfast juice, wine, vodka, beer, perry and cider.

They are committed to high levels of animal welfare and food quality standards and alongside food production actively care for the farmed environment.

A large amount of the region’s farmland is in active environmental management showing farming delivers for wildlife species and habitats.

West Midlands’ farms also make a serious contribution to the economy in terms of food production and jobs delivering around £800 towards GDP for every hectare of land.

This is worth £744 million in total, not including the contribution farm businesses make through rural tourism.