Campaigning for you: Ban sky lanterns

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The NFU has a long-running campaign to ensure all councils ban the release of sky lanterns in Britain. We are now calling on members of the public to join our campaign, email their local councils and encourage them to implement a voluntary ban.

Sky lanterns are essentially small hot air balloons with an opening at the bottom where a candle is suspended. They can float for miles before they fall to the ground. When they do land, farmers and other landowners have to clear up the remnants of sky lanterns from their fields. They pose a large fire risk and can cause suffering or even kill farm animals and wildlife. It is time to ground sky lanterns for good.

We have already seen more than 160 councils ban the release of sky lanterns on council-owned land, who have rightly recognised the danger they pose, including all councils in Wales. We would encourage all remaining local councils to follow this practice.

You can join our campaign to ban sky lanterns and ask your local council to implement a voluntary ban. So far, over 6750 people have joined the campaign with 295 of 353 councils contacted.

Take action now

NFU members: Download a briefing that outlines in depth the action the NFU has taken on sky lanterns

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