Updates made to the odour documents

Updates have been made to key poultry industry documents. The Code of Conduct document- Addressing Odour complaints and a Poultry Industry Good Practice Checklist have been amended and are now online for NFU members to view.

The Code of Conduct has been prepared to outline the key steps and responsibilities of parties involved in resolving odour pollution issues attributed to pig and poultry farms. All parties have a role to play in resolving odour complaint issues and the exchange of information is an important and necessary part of this procedure. This document should be used in conjunction with the Pig/Poultry Industry Good Practice Checklist in the event of any odour complaint received by the farm operator/responsible person either directly or via the Regulator. This code of conduct should be made available to all interested parties.

Whilst the checklist within this document provides a list of the appropriate measures that could be considered to help control odour on poultry farms where there have been substantiated complaints. Odour management is site specific - producers will need to pick out those elements which most closely match their circumstances. This is by no means a mandatory checklist and not all options will be relevant for every farm.

The documents can be seen on the useful documents section of the NFU poultry pages.

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