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Gaugemap_800_435Farmers looking to be kept informed with local river levels can now access real-time data gathered by over 2,400 river level monitoring stations in England and Wales through a new GaugeMap website and via Twitter.

The tool has been developed by Shoothill, using Twitter to bring a regular stream of live river level data tweets to users. The GaugeMap website takes this data and graphically presents it on a map featuring all of the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales river level and tidal gauges. It will be of particular interest to farmers within flood prone catchments or those who abstract from surface waters.

Users can visit the website to search by geographical location, river name, catchment area or river status (normal level, below average or risk of flooding) and are also able to follow on Twitter any gauges that will be of interest to them. A unique Twitter account has been created for each one. For example, Wissey Sluice in Norfolk now has its own Twitter account: @riverlevel_1518. Twice per day, each gauge tweets its current status but this can be increased during periods of flooding. River level data is set to a five-day historic view when a gauge is clicked, and shows lowest and average levels, and flood risk level.

Live Flood Warning map

GaugeMap follows Shoothill's successful Flood Alerts service, mapping the EA’s flood warnings for England and Wales. Originally designed for Facebook, the flood mapping system is now hosted on the Environment Agency's website. Users can register for flood alerts for particular locations of interest.

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