Wettest English winter since 1766

As February comes to an end, provisional rainfall figures suggest the UK has had its wettest winter since the national series records began in 1910.

Water level generic, abstraction, flood._275_208Records have tumbled in many parts, with South East and central southern England having seen more than double the rainfall expected in a ‘normal’ winter.

Just how damp things have been is brought home by a new benchmark in the long-running England and Wales Precipitation series. That stretches back to 1766, and the 435mm of rain recorded between December 1 2014 and February 24 is the most ever, beating the 423mm set in 1915.

It has also been a warmer than average winter, with the predominance of West and South West winds bringing in mild air from the Atlantic, storms what the Met Office thinks will be a winter 1.5 degrees Centigrade milder than usual.

The UK average mean temperature for the winter so far is 5.2 dgrees centigrade.

A full summary of the weather this winter will be available on the Met Office website early in March.

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