Fly-tipping Fixed Penalty Notice Confirmed

Defra has confirmed that a new fixed penalty notice (FPN) for fly-tipping will be introduced into England.

The implementation of a FPN for fly-tipping was contained in the government’s manifesto and is expected to be brought in during 2016. The government is still to decide on the size of the FPN, or whether it will have a sliding scale depending upon the amount of waste fly-tipped.

The FPN is to be enforced by local authorities. Therefore the NFU has already started to lobby local authorities to ensure that they are aware of the new enforcement tool, and that there is resource available to ensure that it is used consistently across the country.

Have you been the Victim of fly-tipping?

This month the NFU is relauching its online fly-tipping survey. This provides an opportunity for you to tell us when you have been the victim of fly-tipping and any financial repercussions this had had. This information will assist the NFU in lobbying local authorities on the necessity to use the new FPN.

You can fill out the survey online or contact CallFirst on 0370 845 8458.

Using the NFU’s Flytipping survey does not replace the need to report the incident to your local authority. Use this link to input your postcode to find the best contact details for your local authority.  

The NFU supported the implementation of the FPN during the response to the recent waste crime consultation. This tool will assist in combating the smaller-scale fly-tipping events where currently there is no enforcement tool available.

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