Reminders around greening crop diversification rules relaxed in 2020

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The RPA has published further information online, here, around the relaxation of the greening crop diversification rules for 2020. The critical elements of this statement are in relation to 2020 application form completion.

The NFU's BPS advisers have produced a new briefing explaining why it is critical to understand the current situation and why the declaration of all cropping, including arable cropping, is still important in 2020. This is for the following reasons:

  • The need to understand what is actually changing with greening in 2020
  • What crops need to be declared for BPS 2020
  • Correct declaration of land use / cropping helps with the other main greening requirement of Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) compliance
  • What does the RPA also use accurate land use / cropping data for
  • Completing forms for BPS 2020
  • Remember to claim on the correct areas for BPS

Finally, we remind those completing their BPS 2020 application online, what they may see due to this late relaxation in the rules.

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NFU members: Download the briefing on crop diversification rules for 2020 here.

This briefing was updated 4 May 2020.

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