Migration Advisory Committee launch review of shortage roles for new Points Based Immigration System

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NFU survey now open!
Following the government's annuoncement of its plans for a points based future immigration scheme earlier this year, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has launched a call for evidence as part of a review of the shortage occupation list (SOL).

As part of developing a response to this Call for Evidence, NFU are looking to identify shortage roles in Agriculture and Horticulture, as well as working with organisations across supply chains to ensure that relevant shortages gain the recognition that is needed. While the focus of the Call for Evidence is on roles that are deemed to be medium to high skilled, we are looking to build a picture of the shortages that exist at all levels, and as part of our data gathering, we are looking to survey members.

This latest call for evidence is of vital importance to Agriculture and Horticulture. As matters currently stand, those earning below £25,600 and without a Ph.D will need to be being sponsored to undertake a shortage occupation list role if they are to get enough points to be able to come to work in the UK under the new PBS. Given both our survey data and ONS data indicate that the majority of workers in Agriculture and Horticulture earn below this amount, recognition on the shortage occupation list will be essential.

The MAC’s ‘Shortage Occupation List: Call for Evidence’ will be open for six weeks and will close on 24 June 2020. Members can make their own direct response to the call for evidence here

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