The danger of slurry, are you aware?

The dangers surrounding slurry gases are the focus of a new leaflet launched by the Farm Safety Partnership.

Stop! Think! Slurry Gas image_275_346Slurry has been the cause of a number of tragic and high-profile accidents in recent years resulting in the death of people and animals.

Its decompositiony can release a cocktail of toxic gases, including hydrogen sulphide, and even a few breaths of the gas can render a person unconscious.

Download the leaflet now.

The Farm Safety Partnership will be chaired by the NFU for the next two years, and it has produced the leaflet as part of its Stop! Think! Slurry Gas campaign.

Guy Smith, NFU Vice President, said: “Deaths from slurry gas still occur and these are made all the more tragic by the fact that so many people die who instinctively go to the aid of those in difficulty.

“This new leaflet has 11 points to follow to reduce the risk of a slurry gas incident. But it is equally important to know that if there is a problem, stop the pump, get the person to fresh air, but don’t put yourself at risk, call 999 and advise the emergency services that slurry gas may be present.”


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