CPSG Round 3: Important information if you're struggling to meet 31 May deadline rules

As the 31 May claim deadline for Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme Round 3 draws nearer, here's a further important update on the position on flexibility and what to do if there might be delays with your claim items.


The NFU has continued to work with Defra and the RPA on the progress of this scheme. As with previous rounds of the scheme we have focused on reminding members of the requirements and timelines associated with the scheme to avoid issues. The message is still the same as before, please continue to work towards fulfilling the scheme rules, by completing the claim process where you can by 31 May. How to do this correctly is set out in the Scheme Handbook.

The NFU has raised the need for flexibility over the various rounds of the scheme given factors that have been outside of a claimant’s control. In recent times this has been as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of these industry challenges, the deadline for Round 3 of this scheme was extended in December from 31 March to 31 May 2021.

This deadline for the receipt by the RPA of the claim form and evidence of payment for eligible items applied for will not be extended further, but please read the latest information below.

Recognising the challenges

The RPA and Defra do recognise the challenges still being faced by farmers and suppliers. To this end, anyone challenged by the 31 May claim deadline should continue to contact the RPA claims team at Q1BTR0NsYWltc0BycGEuZ292LnVr as soon as possible, providing the following information:

  • Project name and reference number provided to you in your Grant Funding Agreement (GFA)
  • The CPSG item reference number e.g. SG1
  • The make/model/manufacturer
  • The original order confirmation from your supplier, with the date ordered
  • An email explanation from your supplier regarding the delay and an expected delivery date.

Latest information

The RPA states that where applicants have ordered, and suppliers have previously confirmed that they could meet the 31 May 2021 deadline in writing, but can now not do so, the RPA is prepared under these exceptional circumstances to offer applicants an extension for delivery of items only until 16 July 2021. By this date, applicants must provide photographic evidence the item has been delivered and installed. Please note, the RPA is not extending the deadline for the receipt of the claim form and evidence of payment. This information must still be submitted by 31 May 2021 in all cases.

Withdrawing from the scheme – please tell the RPA

Finally, if you do not intend to continue with your claim, please let the RPA know via the Q1BTR0NsYWltc0BycGEuZ292LnVr email address giving the RPA the CPSG reference number provided in your Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) email.