NFU advice on preventing access to farmland

Rural crime thief breaking into farm

Denying criminals the ability to commit crime on farmland or associated property be that poaching, theft, hare coursing or joyriders for example seems like an obvious approach to take, but there are a number of issues to consider before you carry out plans to protect your property.

Some methods put into practice involve digging ditches around a perimeter of a field or compound; barriers in front of access points such as logs, old machinery and even reinforced gates and special barriers have become an increasing trend to deter would be criminals.

The NFU has put together this briefing to guide members on appropriate forms of access restrictions. It covers:

  • Existing initiatives
  • Land management scheme considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Planning considerations
  • Rural Payments Agency (RPA) guidance on the creation of ditches

NFU members can download the briefing on preventing access to farmland here.

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