Rights of Way & Cross Compliance

Footpath sign in hedge_275_206Summer and autumn is a busy time of year for many farmers with field work. It however provides you with an opportunity to undertake maintenance of any Rights of Way (RoW) as well as ensure cross field routes are reinstated in good time.

Below is a list of activities and responsibilities which you have to maintain, regarding Rights of Way. Failure to undertake this maintenance work could lead to a breach of Cross Compliance rules.

If you are uncertain if you have a public right of way on your land, your local authority will normally have a ‘definitive map’ of your area showing the public rights of way.

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  • Posted by: John R. HallPosted on: 13/08/2015 21:32:05

    Comment: Yes we have to keep rights of way clear and tidy otherwise we get fined through cross compliance. What about the obligations that County Councils have regarding RoWs? They play the "we don't have the resources to replace or repair or maintain our section" card. It doesn't matter that we have neither the time or money clear RoWs, Double standards yet again.
  • Posted by: Edwin BakerPosted on: 21/09/2015 13:41:59

    Comment: I feel that farms and land that are under restriction for bTB should close rights of way. Any risk of public access spreading the disease may be a bit tenuous but would certainly be more relevant than some of the ridiculous regulations that the unfortunate farmers under restriction, have to comply with at present. I doubt if we would win many friends amongst the noisy rambling community but it would be a good way of demonstrating the scale of the problem to those outside of farming.

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