Planning for the right homes in the right places: will this include on farm?

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The Government is seeking to change the planning system to deliver more housing and to plan for a mix of housing needs. They have published a Housing White Paper in February and are now undertaking a further consultation until 9 November.

As part of  the ‘Planning for the right homes in the right places’ consultation the Government is looking to change the way local housing need is calculated and how housing can be delivered, with the aim of:

  • Making the local plan process work better, reducing the number of planning appeals for housing development and ensuring local infrastructure is delivered.
  • Making different local governments work together, including the new devolved authorities and city mayors, so they can plan for their housing needs.
  • Looking to how neighbourhood planning could also have more say in meeting local housing needs too.
  • Planning for other types of housing, including for older people, self-build and affordable housing, but also how identifying the housing needs of particular groups.

The NFU is asking the Government to ensure their proposals will provide housing that will support farmers and growers businesses and allow farming families to plan for  their  future.

Please read more information here about the consultation or please feedback your views. The consultation ends on 9 November.

  • Posted by: Mrs TurnerPosted on: 24/10/2017 15:43:19

    Comment: Housing should not be built on good prime agricultural land, this is needed for future food for the growing crops &animals for the nation, leaving the EU we need to support farming for ourselves. Once land is built on it will never go be taken back to agricultural. Developers want good prime flat easy land to build on so they make the most profit, Perhaps building 20 homes in every village in the county is better than a large invasive estates when more roads by-pass and other services are needed for expanding, here in the southeast our countryside is paying a huge price. brownfield sites are needed to support business to create jobs for local people to try and stop the great distance of travel. Firemen living in Dorset travel to work to London Fire Men ! 4days on and 4days off. Why are empty homes in the north not renovated Jobs created in the north are needed Look at how many industries we had before we went into the EEC we were world leaders in car/lorry manufacturing now we have none. As David Attenborough wrote "it is a worry as people need homes and jobs to support themselves, Britain is a very,very crowded place, brownfield sites are not enough, but we need to protect the Green belt. What is the future of the Planet and its resources?

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