NFU urges councils to introduce sky lantern bans

Sky lantern_47869

As Bonfire Night approaches, the NFU is urging councils across England and Wales to introduce a total ban on sky lanterns to avoid fires, harm to animals and littering.

More than 130 local authorities have already introduced bans and the NFU is encouraging more councils to follow their example and ban the dangerous lanterns, which are frequently set off during winter around Bonfire Night, Christmas and the New Year.

NFU Deputy President Minette Batters said: “The NFU has heard from plenty of farmers about the devastating damage sky lanterns have caused to buildings and fields on their farm and the gruesome injuries they can cause to livestock and other animals.

“Simply put, all of these lanterns must land somewhere and while they may look pretty in the sky, they also become unnecessary litter across our beautiful countryside.

“We have already seen numerous councils ban sky lanterns, who have rightly recognised the danger they pose, and I would encourage the remaining local authorities to follow the good examples set across the country.

“The NFU would like to see a total ban of sky lanterns across England and Wales to safeguard property and animals.”

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