Reporting poaching crimes

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The NFU supports Project Poacher, an initiative that includes:

·         Advice and support for law enforcers

·         A free, easy-to-use app for reporting poaching incidents.

NFU members could well find the app a useful tool for reporting poaching crimes (including hare coursing). The app is available for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone and can be downloaded at

The aims of Project Poacher are to coordinate action across England and Wales through:

  • Prevention – offering best advice to farmers, landowners, gamekeepers, shooting and land management organisations regarding measures to put in place to prevent poaching and disruption mechanisms
  • Intelligence – to allow the police to target offenders
  • Enforcement – with good intelligence the police can target poachers through the various rural and poaching based operations run throughout England and Wales
  • Reassurance – by working together and by publicising resulting actions such as activity, arrests, seizures and convictions.

The NFU works with the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) on poaching issues, and BASC offer useful advice on what to do if you have poachers on your land:

  • If you see or are aware of poachers on your land and want them off, call the police.
  • Call 999 or 101(101 is the non-emergency number to report incidents).
  • If you are being threatened or damage is being caused, then that is urgent and 999 should be used.
  • Give the call taker as much information as you have, such as vehicles used, how many offenders, do they have firearms, etc.
  • Give as good a location as you can, especially at night.  
  • The most important thing is to get an incident or log number for what you are reporting.
  • You might be told that there is nobody to send immediately, but insist on the incident/log number.
  • Ask for the incident to be forwarded to the Wildlife Crime Officer and the local beat officer.

To provide anonymous information about poaching or other rural crimes, use the NFU/Crimestoppers Rural Crime Reporting Service 0800 783 0137

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