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Farmers affected by a major road improvement scheme are being supported by the NFU.

transport, road, a14, dual, rush hour, traffic_275We've highlighted concerns about the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme to the Planning Inspectorate, as it prepares to examine plans submitted by Highways England to improve and upgrade a 23-mile length of this strategic route.

Most recently, we've made two submissions (see below) following the hearings of October 21 and 22. One covers all the issues we've raised with regards to detailed design, access through Huntingdon, field drainage, aftercare of soils. The other is a specific legal response to a question about whether Highways England has made a 'compelling case'.

You'll find those in the 'related documents' at the bottom of this page, along with an updated Statement of Common Ground with Highways England in regard to the scheme.

We've also have provided a final summary of the oral submission and evidence we gave to the Examining Authority at the hearing with Highways England, on 3rd September

And you will find our submission to the Examining Authority at a hearing on compulsory acquisition, and a letter to the Examining Authority and Highways England, raising issues around soil storage and management and field drainage. Again, everything is available to NFU members in the related documents at the bottom of this page.

The outline representation was submitted in March 2015 with advice taken from the barrister Barry Denyer-Green of Falcon Chambers. The NFU also raised issues on behalf of its members at a preliminary hearing on the 13th May 2015.

One of the major concerns is on land being taken for borrow pits to take  minerals for the scheme. The NFU Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) has supported Counsel's Opinion and for Barry Denyer–Green to draft the legal Written Representation (WR) which was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 15th June 2015.

The NFU has questioned the need and the legality of the powers of acquisition that Highways England is using for this, in areas known as the Borrow Pits. In addition, the NFU has submitted concerns on farming issues relating to the flood compensation and habitat mitigation areas with the amount of land taken to create this. Further issues and solution have been provided on soil management and field drainage.

Two expert reports were submitted with the WR on minerals in the local area from Wardell Armstrong and hydrology by WSP. These reportshave also beenfunded by LAS.

The NFU is working closely with the A14 Agents Association, which acts for all the members affected, but if you have queries that we can assist with please feel free to contact us at the regional office on 01638 672100.

The latest details of the examination process can be found on the National Infrastructure Planning site here.

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