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EU Member State experts were due to reach a decision on Monday on a temporary re-extension of authorisation for glyphosate products.

This would have been for approximately 18 months.

However, at a standing committee meeting ‘no opinion’ was reached.

The commission is now likely to take the temporary re-extension to appeals committee, a process in which Member States are invited to explain their opinions. If nothing changes following these discussions, the college of 28 commissioners will make a decision on the extension.

The NFU will press for a vote in favour in due course, although there are no indications when any of this will happen yet.

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Latest updates:

8 June

NFU’s European policy adviser Tom Keen speaks live to France 24 News on the importance of the availability of glyphosate for UK farmers - watch below:

6 June

3pm, INSIGHT: Tom Keen from our Brussels office looks at what happens next:

Since there was no opinion at the standing committee, the decision will now go through the appeals process. This involves a meeting of representatives of each member state (not standing committee experts) being asked about its position on the extension and if it is going to change its view. The commission may also plan to bring another proposal forward at this meeting that it will have previously shared. It is estimated that an appeals committee will take place on the week of 20 June.

The committee should only take one day and either an extension will be authorised or once again no opinion will be reached. If no consensus can be reached then the college of 28 commissioners will be called upon to take a decision on the matter. They too will debate among themselves whether the commission should come out favour or not. There is also the possibility that the commission will not act and the authorisation would lapse. This would not mean an immediate withdrawal of products containing glyphosate. It is likely six months would be allowed for this to happen, but nonetheless re-approval could still take place in this time.

2pm: The Brussels office can confirm that the likely date for the Appeals Committee is the week commencing Monday June 20 2016 – just days before the official authorisation of glyphosate expires.

1pm: The voting intentions of member states were as follows: 20 countries were in favour of a renewal, but they accounted for only 52.91 per cent of the EU’s population. Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria and Portugal and Luxembourg abstained, accounting for 47.01 per cent. Only Malta voted against. In this case abstain is as good as a 'no'.

Authorisation expires on 30 June, and appeals committee could meet on 20 June. However, there is unlikely to be a change in member state positions and the commissioners will be called upon to make a decision.

10am: Following a collection of voting intentions the standing committee meeting outcome is ‘no opinion’. The EU Commission will now take this to the Appeals Committee. The timescales are unknown at this stage.

9am: The standing committee for plants, animals, food and feed meeting begins. EU Member State experts hope to reach a decision on a temporary re-extension of authorisation for glyphosate products. This would be for approximately 18 months.

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  • Posted by: Howard Dare Posted on: 09/06/2016 02:03:32

    Comment: Interesting that the ban is on health grounds. Surely cuddly Monsanto wouldn't sell anything that was bad for us.

    For once the EU processes are having a beneficial effect. The UK might wish to leave roundup available but is the reasoning sound?

    Without seeing a compelling case for retention , I wonder whether our position is justified
  • Posted by: Timothy PalmerPosted on: 09/06/2016 21:57:35

    Comment: This is very worrying especially as the NFU appears to be outmanoeuvred by the Green lobby at every turn. Some questions should be answered...
    1. You are right that politics is involved in what should be a science-based process but you show no sign of being able to cope with the political game or being able to counter it. You are apparently bleating from the sidelines that 'it's not cricket' but the Greens don't play cricket, they play to win without respect to any rule book. What are you doing to change this?
    2. We are reliably informed that Green activists in key positions have perverted the regulatory process for their own ends. What are you doing to remove those responsible or to publicise their activities?
    3. You say nothing about co-operating with your fellow farmers' unions across the EU. Please tell us what you are doing on this front if anything.
    4. You give a good impression of powerlessness. When will you stop playing the spectator and start, with our allies, playing the sort of hardball that the Greens play? There comes a point when 'working with the system' while they are gaming the system ceases to be a sensible way to proceed.
  • Posted by: watsonPosted on: 10/06/2016 09:30:28

    Comment: Will this be the 'final straw'; an example of EU policy making and the impossibility to get a decision.
  • Posted by: D.SKELTONPosted on: 20/06/2016 21:38:37


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