Biocides Breakthrough

Sprout farm Chipping Campden Dec 2017_49535
June this year saw a long-awaited breakthrough regarding the regulation of maximum residue levels (MRLs) of chlorate in food materials.

The text of Reg (EU) 2020/749 of 4 June 2020 reflected concerted, sustained lobbying by the HSE and industry including the Food & Biocides Industry Group (FBIG), of which NFU is a member. Together the group lobbied the EC and secured: 

  • Recognition of the contribution of water and hygiene biocides to chlorate traces in foods and of the need to continue to assure hygiene and safety
  • More rational MRLs
  • Direct reference in the Reg to the definition of ‘processed’ from 852/2004
  • Special rules for processed foods

The Regulations came into force on 28 June 2020.

CFA Director Karin Goodburn comments:

“CFA and our colleagues in FBIG are indebted to Russell Wedgbury at the HSE for all his work with us over the last eight years on this key regulation. All parties now clearly accept the need to ensure all legislation is adhered to, including food hygiene. We continue to work with HSE to ensure a rational enforcement approach on the new MRLs. FBIG is publishing best practice compliance guidance for food businesses at”

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