New tool to help guide cereal spray decisions this autumn

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AHDB has produced a new tool to help sprayers decide when to apply pyrethroids on cereal crops this autumn.

The tool makes use of air temperature data from a network of weather stations to predict when critical second generation aphid offspring is likely to spread through cereal crops.

AHDB is asking farmers to use the tool to both target sprays this season and help inform a new management system in 2019 when neonicotinoid seed treatments will no longer be an option for early aphid protection.

The tool can also play a role in efforts to minimise insecticide use and therefore manage resistance threats. Moderate resistance to pyrethroids is already widespread in the UK among grain aphids, though effective control can still be achieved at full label rates.

Click here to read more about how the tool can help protect your cereal crops from second generation aphids and the viruses that they transmit.

Last edited on: 01:10:2018

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