NFU launches ‘Take 5 to Stay Alive’ to mark #FarmSafetyWeek

17 July 2023

Graphic of the NFU's new safety campaign, Take 5 To Stay Alive

This Farm Safety Week, the NFU has launched it’s ‘Take 5 to Stay Alive’ campaign working with the agriculture industry to change attitudes towards farm safety and prevent life-changing and fatal accidents.

The campaign, supporting Yellow Wellies’ eleventh Farm Safety Week, encourages everyone working on a farm or in an agricultural setting to take a five-minute pause and think about the task in front of them, and the safety precautions they could take before starting it. Actions include everything from remembering to put on your seatbelt and engaging the Safe Stop principle when using a vehicle, to wearing a helmet when riding an ATV or staying vigilant when working at height or with livestock.

NFU Vice President David Exwood said: "People are our most valuable assets, and we should all be thinking about our safety on farm 365 days a year. But Yellow Wellies’ Farm Safety Week is an excellent way for us to come together, raise awareness and share practical advice about how to look after ourselves and each other out in the field. We all have to talk more about safety.

"Our new campaign, ‘Take 5 to Stay Alive’, gets to the core of this year’s theme of ‘Farm Safety Starts with Me’. We all know the main causes of on-farm accidents. By taking a few seconds to think before we start a job, it gives us chance to put in place those small, cost effective, life-saving actions which can stop tragic incidents from happening.

"Five minutes or even five seconds could save a life or stop a life-changing accident. By making this small behavioural change, we are protecting the most important part of our businesses - ourselves.”

More information:

Yellow Wellies’ Farm Safety week runs from 17-21 July 2023.

The NFU has produced a number of vlogs on social media from members and Vice President David Exwood to launch the ‘Take 5 to Stay Alive’ campaign. For copies of these vlogs get in touch with the press team or follow the NFU on Twitter.

Recent HSE figures showed that there were 21 fatal injuries in agriculture between 2022-2023.