Food hygiene: regulations and responsibilities explained


This Business Guide outlines the Food Hygiene Regulations, as they apply to primary production. These consolidate and simplify a large number of European directives and regulations. They are applied separately in the devolved administrations of the UK, and in England by the Food Safety, Food Hygiene (England) Regulation 2013 (as amended). The EU Regulations have applied directly in all EU Member States from 1st January 2006 and remain in force as retained EU law. The overarching regulation, which sets the common principles /of all general food safety law, is Regulation 178/2002.

This Business Guide will focus on requirements for primary production, with some information on on-farm slaughter. More information about subsequent parts of the food chain e.g. slaughter, on-farm processing, catering etc., should be requested from the Food Standards Agency, local authority and/or relevant trade associations