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We’ve been rebuilding your website to keep up to speed with the changing way in which you like to receive your news and information. NFUonline is your website, and it’s important that it develops to meet your changing needs.

One change that is easy to see is the increasing daily use of smartphones. Once you took a book to bed, now you catch up on the latest news as you try and catch forty winks.

Forty-one per cent of the visits to NFUonline were from a smartphone or tablet – not as much as a desktop, but still reiterating that member needs are changing. It’s always been about striking a balance, and delivering a website that works for you.

With the huge shift towards social media, it’s so important that we keep NFUonline moving with the ever-changing digital landscape, all with one aim: hitting the mark for members.

The new NFUonline, which has been emerging bit-by-bit since January, has been designed to show pages on a mobile, tablet or traditional PC/laptop. 

Your time is especially limited and the need to check business guides and read NFU briefings on-the-go was a main priority. It’s now easier than ever to do this.

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Another aim with the new-look site was to allow you to get in touch and share your experiences. We’ve had a moderated website commenting facility for years, but since the site makeover the number of comments we’ve received has shot up. In 2015 we had 606. So far in 2016 we’ve had over 1,700! 

Your messages are read by our advisers and have been used as feedback for lobbying issues, the best example of this being BPS 2015 payments and the submissions system for 2016.

Another subject you’ve been having your say on is poor broadband coverage. Your experiences help us to put weight behind our lobbying.

Finally, one thing that I am always asked out and about is: “Are you going to launch an app?”. This is something which it is now possible to do in-house, but I need to know what you’d like it to do.

Your opinions will help shape what it looks like, and how it works. Please drop me an email at aGVsZW4uY290dGVyaWxsQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= or post a comment below to air your views.

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