NFU reaction and lobbying priorities - Agriculture Bill

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NFU member briefing: login to read the NFU's response to the provisions of the Agriculture Bill and the government’s accompanying statements.

These are the issues the NFU will be raising with MPs in the weeks and months ahead.

The NFU will continue to examine the fine details of the Bill and develop policy accordingly. The NFU will also provide more targeted briefs for MPs for the different stages of the passage of the Bill, starting with the second reading in the Commons expected on 10 October. 

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  • Posted by: Chris BlandPosted on: 19/09/2018 20:13:39

    Comment: We must take this opportunity to try & get better deal for the uplands.

    The basic payment scheme is difficult to justify for the lowlands but when we have an area based system up & running then that would seem a very good system to bring support to the uplands which definitely need good support in order for the farmers to be viable so that they can make a living whilst maintaining the infrastucture of the countryside much of which is in National Parks & AONBs

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