Coronavirus: Find out what's happening with BASIS points


With much of the country working from home and most industry events cancelled, BASIS has taken the decision to relax its CPD requirements for Professional Register members.

Ordinarily, members are required to collect a set number of CPD points before the points-year ends on 31 May each year.

Events are typically a focal point for collecting points, but with so many sadly not going ahead, Basis are extending the year-end period. This allows points to be collected into the next points-year. The only stipulation is that the full requirement of points for the 2019/20 points-year and 2020/21 points year are fulfilled for both years, by 31 May 2021.

For example, members holding the Certificate in Crop Protection are required to gain 40 CPD points annually. However, they will now need to collect 80 points over the two-year period.

Depending on your qualification and membership category, the required number of points will vary, for example:

• Certificate in Crop Protection – 80 points by 31 May 2021

• Certificate in Crop Protection, with FACTS – 100 points by 31 May 2021

• FACTS only – 40 points by 31 May 2021

• Certificate in Crop Protection (amenity horticulture) – 40 points by 31 May 2021

• Certificate in Crop Protection (amenity horticulture) with FACTS – 60 points by 31 May 2021

Boost your knowledge remotely

Despite opportunities being reduced, BASIS encourages members to seek CPD points remotely in order to stay up to date with industry innovation and regulatory changes. There are various options that can be completed at home, including reading technical publications or newsletters, as well as participating in online training sessions.

A full reading list and associated points can be found and downloaded here.

Check your points

Members can check their training record and points requirements on the Basis website or contact a member of the BASIS team on 01335 343945.

Coronavirus: Updates and advice

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