Government technical notices - planning for a no-deal Brexit

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The UK government has been preparing a wealth of guidance for individuals and businesses if the UK leaves the EU with no Brexit deal. For an overview and general information please click here.

Guidance on specific issues is detailed in the categories below. It is being updated as further information becomes available.

For further explanation or assistance with any area, please contact QnJleGl0QG5mdS5vcmcudWs=

Animal Health & Welfare

Chemicals & Biotechnology


Farm Payments

Fiscal & Legal Issues

Labelling & Marketing Standards



Transport, Vehicles & Travel

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  • Posted by: Albert BullPosted on: 08/02/2019 09:51:33

    Comment: The whole thing is complete madness. We must have a vote now to continue or not. Nearly one and half million that voted two and half years ago are dead and gone they should have no say in this matter. The new generation of 18 t0 21 year olds get no say about their future. This is dictatorship not democratic government. This will put the whole country into reverse, including Scotland and Ireland. A vote from the people now would cure the problem and the government could then go on with the proposals the majority voted for now.

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