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Last NVZ notices sent to farmers


The third and final tranche of NVZ notices are being sent to farmers on Monday 20 February. Notices will be sent by post to farmers in Northumbria and Humber River Basin Districts and farmers will have until 20 March to appeal NVZ designation in these areas.

20 February is also the deadline for submitting an appeal for those notified in the second tranche (Anglian, Thames, South East and South West). Farmers in the first and second tranches whose notices were sent to the wrong address should now have received a new notice with a new date (see here for more information). The appeals deadline in all cases is 28 days from the date on the notice.

Nicola Dunn, NFU water quality adviser, said: “With the last notices being sent out we are again reiterating to farmers the importance of checking whether they are in an NVZ.

Farmers only have 28 days to submit an appeal which can be on one of two grounds: that their land doesn’t drain to the area identified; or that the water is not polluted by agricultural nitrates.

Any area, whether previously designated or a new NVZ, can be appealed and support is available for NFU members through our Legal Assistance Scheme.”

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