NFU responds to consultation on Countryside Code Land Manager Guidance

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The NFU has responded to Natural England’s consultation with key stakeholders on potential revisions to the Land Manager Guidance that sits alongside the Countryside Code. We received a vast amount of input from members, which we incorporated into our response.

Natural England has a statutory duty to produce and promote the Countryside Code to guide people visiting the countryside. It also has a duty to advise landowners and managers in relation to access on their land.

NFU response to consultation

Natural England published the refreshed version of the public facing Countryside Code in April this year.

The NFU responded in July to its consultation with key stakeholders to update the Land Managers Guidance.

Our response aimed to ensure that the guidance is refreshed to ensure compliance and flexibility when it comes to managing public access.

Natural England reacted positively to our response and aims to launch the revised Land Manager Guidance this autumn.

Read the NFU's response

NFU members: Log in to read our consultation response: Natural England Land Manager Guidance CC July 21, which details the proposed revisions and our comments, thoughts and feedback.

Further assistance

If you have any issues with public access on your farm, contact NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458.

  • Posted by: Thomas ManningPosted on: 09/07/2021 19:42:04

    Comment: I agree with the NFU responses regarding this consultation. If left without a landowners view or perspective some of the points raised could cause problems. Not least liability but also hidden costs.