NFU talks to Sky on environmental impact of the global meat and dairy industries

Vice President Stuart Roberts at a farm in Hertfordshire

Sky Views has today (5 November 2019) featured an article written by Hannah Thomas-Peter following a conversation with NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts about why UK farming is part of the climate change solution.

In the article - 'Plants good, meat bad' is too simplistic when tackling climate change - Mr Roberts emphasises that the UK meat and dairy farming system is one of the most sustainable in the world. He said:

"People have drawn this conclusion that meat is bad, plants are good, and therefore we should all stop eating meat. It over simplifies a tremendously complicated issue."

In the article Ms Thomas-Peter writes:

"National Farmers' Union Vice President Stuart Roberts asked if we could have a conversation about it all, and so that's what we did. He made a series of illuminating points, and our exchange left me with a lot of questions about the nature of fairness and competition under the pressure of the climate crisis."

Mr Roberts thanked Ms Thomas-Peter for her time, tweeting: "All I ask is for people to take the time to understand a topic. I am grateful to @hannahtpsky for taking the time to talk to me."

The NFU wrote to Ms Thomas-Peter inviting Sky's climate change correspondent to talk further on the topic of climate-friendly meat and dairy after a previous article If we're serious about climate change we must look at what we eat suggested that meat and dairy were bad for the planet.

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