Gemma Smale-Rowland

Gemma Smale-Rowland

NFU Dairy Board appointee, South West

Gemma is a third generation farmer from Cornwall whose family run a pedigree Glebewin herd of high genetics Holsteins.

Gemma has been actively involved in the family farm, from rearing to nutrition and showing, as well as helping to manage the day-to-day health of the herd and developing long-term plans for the future of the business.

She previously worked for Mole Valley Farmers as a dairy inputs specialist and logistics manager, and is a club leader and trustee at Launceston YFC.

Gemma was on the Dairy Crest Direct Forum Board, representing around 100 local dairy farmers.

She is keen to work with the board to ensure the views of dairy farmers are represented over the next few years as decisions are made on where public money should be spent and the future of environmental policy. She is also passionate about working to improve fairness in the supply chain and ensuring the security of British dairying for future generations.