BPOA: The next ten years


Looking forward to the increased demand for Home Grown produce and promoting the importance of gardening as a life-style pursuit, enhancing mental and physical wellbeing.

The BPOA recognised the need for a periodic review of its activities in December, which it presents today.

Greg Hill, chairman of the BPOA, said: “With many changes occurring in the industry and the needs of our members changing, we thought it was a good time for a long look at the operation of our association and we are delighted with John’s study and the opportunity that it has given us to update our operations and make them fit for the future of the industry.”

In late autumn 2016, the BPOA management committee recognised its need for a periodic review of its activities and the opportunities within the sector and decided to commission John Hall (JH Consulting) to do the work, making a survey of members’ attitudes and interaction with other industry bodies. He was given a wide brief with the following headings to consider:

  • Function: what should it be in future?
  • Structure:  does the current structure work?
  • Value: how does BPOA promote value for money? 
  • Membership:  how should it develop?
  • Communication:  can this be improved?
  • Recruitment:  how does BPOA increase participation?
  • Subscription:  is the fee system appropriate?
  • Industry:  How can BPOA coordinate the industry?
  • Business:  Can BPOA be responsive to changes in the industry?
  • Future: How should BPOA view the future?

This review was conducted between December 2016 and February 2017, with preliminary findings presented at the BPOA AGM on 17th January 2017.

The BPOA Management Committee has since analysed the findings of the review and it presents John Hall’s report to the membership. It is working to address the questions raised in the report and consider the recommendations for action by developing an Action Plan for implementation beginning immediately in 2017.

The Action Plan will be presented to BPOA members at an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday 17th October.

Read John Hall’s BPOA Review here.