Retailer endorsement of Home Grown poinsettias

Home Grown Sainsbury's poinsettias_275_412Sainsbury's continues to show its support for the British poinsettia industry by choosing to stock 100% "Home Grown" poinsettias for their stores.

In June of this year, NFU President, Meurig Raymond, presented the retailer Sainsbury's with the "Home Grown British Poinsettia Retailer of the Year" award (read story here). The supermarket was recognised for their promotion and sale of 100% British poinsettias in 2013 and their investment in heated transport specifically for the poinsettia crop in order to sell British product at its best.

To celebrate their success, Sainsbury's has decided to continue to back British poinsettias by displaying the Home Grown logo and award on the packaging for all their poinsettias, which came into stores last weekend (15th November).

Sainsbury's states that:

Home Grown logo Sainsbury's poinsettias 2_275_183"100% of all Sainsbury's poinsettias are grown with care throughout the UK producing perfectly shaped bushy plants with bright red blooms."

"We passionately believe our select group of growers produce the best quality plants available. that's why they've been growing for Sainsbury's for over 10 years. Growing in the UK means the plants have less distance to travel, improving freshness and quality."

Look for the Home Grown logo on British poinsettias in Sainsbury's stores now.


Home Grown logo colour_275_291More about Home Grown

The "Home Grown" initiative has arisen from a nucleus of interested growers who wished to promote their products as Home Grown and to differentiate them from imported produce giving consumers more choice and the possibility to obtain locally produced plants.

The initiative was developed by the British Protected Ornamentals Association (BPOA), National Farmers Union, South East England Development Agency and the Horticultural Development Council.

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